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VS Tank Pro Series 1/24 M1A2 Abrams NATO Battle Tank RTR

Item #: VSKD61
VS Tank Pro Series 1/24 M1A2 Abrams NATO Battle Tank RTR
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Engage in armored combat with up to 5 other VS Tanks! Hitting the sensor on the opposing tank's turret with your infrared beam registers a "hit" - five "hits" disable that tank.


  • Forward, reverse, left and right real-life movement Three forward speeds, two turning and pivot speeds, two speeds for reverse
  • Turret rotates up to 330 and can also rotate while tank is running
  • Turret gun moves up and down with a range of approximately 20 and recoils after firing an infrared laser beam
  • Cannon shoots infrared laser beam 26ft (8m) indoors and 20ft (6m) outdoors in sunlight
  • Up to six tanks can engage in battle at once, target is a sensor on top of turret-hitting sensor stops tank for 3 seconds with flashing lights and sound effects to indicate when tank was hit
  • Painted driver figure and machine guns can be installed to add detail
  • All-wheel suspension and rubber caterpillar treads tackle rugged terrain as well as up to 35 inclines
  • AM transmitter with microprocessor controls for forward and backward speeds tank turns, turret turns and cannon up/down

INCLUDES: M1A2 Abrams tank with transmitter, driver figure, LED lights, machine gun, instruction manual, decals and decal guide

REQUIRES: 14 AA batteries, 6 for transmitter and 8 for tank.

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