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VS Tank Pro Series R/C Tanks

For military history buffs, a scale replica of an armored vehicle can stir the soul. And VS Tanks add another dimension, with tank models that can actually drive with radio control, and do battle with other VS Tank commanders! Choose from several tank styles... From the compact, popular M4 Sherman to the lumbering Russian KV-2 "Bunker Buster" the VS Tank Pro Series features many of the world's most recognizable armored vehicle. These tanks are display worthy too... Large 1/24 scale VS Tanks come with details usually resewrved for display-quality models. From the painted gunner figures to the intricate accessories, these tanks show exceptionally well. R/C equipped and Ready-To-Run... The radio lets you maneuver your VS Tank with 3 speeds forward, 2 reverse, 2 turning speeds and even a stationary pivot for quick target aquisition. Realistic tracks and all-wheel independdent suspension let you conquer rough terrain and inclines up to 35 degrees. Check out these exciting videos... VS Tank M1A2 Abrams Video (18.2 MB)
VS Tan Tiger I Early Production Video (18.0 MB)

M4 Sherman

Tiger 1 Mid production Tanks

M1A2 Abrams Tanks

Leopard2 A5

T72 M1 Tanks

Tiger 1 Early Production Tanks