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Tamiya 1/700 I58 Late Type IJN Submarine & USS Indianapolis CA35 Heavy Cruiser (2 Kits)

Item #: TAM-25119
Tamiya 1/700 I58 Late Type IJN Submarine & USS Indianapolis CA35 Heavy Cruiser (2 Kits)
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The USS Indianapolis was a Portland-class heavy cruiser commissioned in 1932. She served in a number of actions throughout the Pacific War, but is most well remembered for the circumstances surrounding her sinking. The story of her sinking is famously recounted in the 1976 film "Jaws" where the character Quint shows characters Brody and Hooper his Navy Tattoo and goes on to explain the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. She was used on a special mission to deliver components for the atomic bombs which would later be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and after the delivery, she departed the Marianas for Leyte in the Philippines. While in route to Leyte, the Indianapolis was sunk by the Japanese submarine I-58 on July 30, 1945. With little food or water, the 880 crew who survived the sinking endured shark attacks, dehydration, and exposure for three and a half days before finally being spotted by patrolling aircraft. Out of a total of 1,196 crew members, only 316 survived, making the sinking of the USS Indianapolis the single greatest loss of life at sea in US Navy history.

I-58 Model Specifications and Features:

  • The I-58 is depicted as she appeared during the engagement on July 30, 1945.
  • Deck features sharply molded details. Radar, anti-aircraft guns, and manned torpedos are accurately reproduced.
  • Periscope can be depicted in either deployed or retracted positions.

    Indianapolis Model Specifications and Features:

    • The Indianapolis is depicted as she appeared in July 1945 and the model features a highly detailed superstructure, funnels, masts, and radar.
    • Armament such as triple 20.3cm guns, 12.7cm DP guns, 20mm and 40mm anti-aircraft guns are precisely molded.
    • Poly caps enable turret rotation even after assembly.
    • Comes with parts for two Curtiss SC-1 Seahawk seaplanes.

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