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What are these resin details you've been hearing about? Most model kits can be built straight from the box with a little paint and effort on your part. Many modelers like to go that extra step and take the time to super detail their models by adding aftermarket parts that replace many of the pieces included with the kit. There are many of these aftermarket companies available to you when you are ready to take the next step in your modelling. But why resin? Most of the manufacturers have opted to create these low volume parts in resin rather than the expense of injection molding.

These manufacturers are able to create parts with very fine details and back cuts that would be impossible with injected molded parts. Resin parts do not come on a sprue, like the original parts included with your model kit. Most resin parts are attached to a mold gate that must be removed by cutting or filing. We recommend that you wear an aspirator or at the least a surgical mask when working with resin. The dust created by cutting or filing could be harmful if inhaled. Unlike plastic, resin parts should be attached using cyanoacrylate glue rather that plastic adhesives. We also recommend that you prime resin parts for better paint adhesion.


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