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Men At Arms: The British Army in North America

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Men At Arms: The British Army in North America
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For sheer guts, the Redcoats' behavior at Bunker Hill, Saratoga and other bloody encounters has rarely been surpassed. The Americans won, but only just, and then thanks to foreign intervention and a small number of dedicated and valiant patriots who were continually let down by their own people. Robin May's splendid work looks at the British Army that fought in the American Revolution from 1775 to1783. It details the soldiers who faced the difficulties of campaigning in America along with the gross inefficiency and corruption at home which, along with their generals' often blundering conduct, were as deadly enemies as the Americans.


Introduction Raising an Army The Redcoats' War A Diary of the American Revolution The Royal Warrant of 1768 for Infantry Clothing, Colours & c. The Plates

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