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Nautilus 1/200 USS Bluefish SS222 (1943) Conversion Set

Item #: NAU-S1
Nautilus 1/200 USS Bluefish SS222 (1943) Conversion Set
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This set is designed for the advanced modeler and comprises 14 resin parts.


This kit is designed to specifically represent the USS BLUEFISH (SS-222), however, it can be used to represent many GATO class submarines with the intermediate (mid-war) cut-down fairwater. Check your references for exact gunnery specs and locations. This configuration was found on many subs, such as USS WAHOO following her 1943 refit at Mare Island (MINSY), USS Sturgeon (May 1943) & USS Spearfish (May 1943) ... note: both of these subs were members of the earlier Salmon/Sargo class fleet boats.

The modification of the Gato class fleet sub into the earlier Tambor class subs (of which the Gato class was an improved version) is very simple, both requiring the addition of this fairwater set to make them a prewar boat. The Tambor class survivors, by the end of the war, were refitted with Balao style sails, as represented in set S-03, USS Icefish. The Salmon and Perch class subs require a reshaped bow and a hull which needs to be shortened by 5'3" (0.35" or 9mm in scale) , whereas the Tambor class bow is correctly shaped but the hull needs to be shortened by 4'7" (0.31" or 8mm in scale). The best place to shorten the hull is directly in the middle of the hull where the cross section is nearly constant.

Another feature of the Salmon and Perch class subs at this point in their careers was the installation of mufflers above the rear weather deck, consult your references for exact details.

Parts List:

Periscope Assembly
Target Bearing Transmitter (TBT)
Radar (This part will often break off part 1)
5" Gun Mount
5" Gun
40mm Gun Mount
40mm Gun
20mm Guns (2)
20mm Gun Mount, Tripod Style (2)
20mm Gun Mount, Composite Style (2)

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