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Midwest Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Boat Kit

Item #: MID-971
Midwest Chesapeake Bay Skipjack Boat Kit
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The "Skipjack" is the last working sailboat to ply the American waters in any significant numbers. Perhaps the best known vessel connected with the Chesapeake Bay, these vessels possessed a highly raked mast and a large amount of sail area, giving them the power necessary to haul the dredging equipment used to collect oysters.

This model represents a 48 foot long vessel known as an "Oyster Pirate". Operated by poachers and pursued often by the authorities, they dredged at night on oyster beds reserving by the law for tonging, and were known for their speed. The Skipjack's continued use is decreed by state fishery laws, since they do far less damage to the oyster beds than a fleet of modern power dredges. At the turn of the century, approximately 2000 Skipjack's comprised the oyster fleet. There are now less than 40 remaining in the United States today.

Complete Kit Features:

  • Micro-Cut Quality Basswood and Mahogany parts.
  • Cleanly pre-cut parts including Frames, Keel, Transom, Deck, Cabin, Side Planking and Bottom Planking
  • Complete fittings set which includes cotton material for sails, two sizes of rigging cordage, plastic cleats and blocks, Brass wire for mast hoops, deadeyes, chainplates, oarlocks and chain for bobstay
  • Hardwood display base with die-cut cradle ends


    Overall Length: 21"
    Height: 20-1/2"
    Beam: 4-1/2"
    Scale: 7/16" = 1'

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