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Men At Arms: New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWI

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Men At Arms: New Zealand Expeditionary Force in WWI
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The New Zealand Expeditionary Force earned an elite reputation on the Western Front In World War I, and the New Zealanders’ war effort was a defining moment in their national history. The statistics are astonishing: of the total population of New Zealand of 1 million, no fewer than 100,000 men enlisted, and of those, 18,000 were killed and 58,000 wounded. In other words, 15 percent of the male population of New Zealand became casualties. Famously, the NZEF was first committed at Gallipoli in 1915, but NZ cavalry regiments also helped defend Egypt and fought in Palestine with Allenby’s famous Desert Mounted Corps. On the Western Front the Kiwis were called the ‘Silent Division’ for their fieldcraft and their uncomplaining professionalism. This book is both a tribute and a history of the contribution made by a small nation.


Pre-War Military Training and Organization - the Territorial Force
Raising the Expeditionary Force, 1914 - Organizations - Volunteers and Conscripts
Chronology of Campaigns
Egypt and Palestine
The Western Front
Evolution of the NZ Division: Structure - Command - Personnel - Uniforms - Equipment - Tactics
Plate Commentaries: Uniform and Insignia Details

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