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Mach-2 1/72 WWII US Navy LCT6 Landing Craft Kit

Item #: MAC-AR5
Mach-2 1/72 WWII US Navy LCT6 Landing Craft Kit
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The LCT -Landing Craft Tank- were large barges used to convey a landing force from the sea to the shore during an amphibious assault. These had a bow ramp at the front which was dropped for the vehicles to get ashore. Characteristics of the LCT Mark 6 are 119' length; 32' beam; 4' draught; displacement of 284 tons to full load; speed of 8 knots; could transport 4 Sherman tanks, or 3 tanks of 50 tons, or 150 tons of cargo. The propulsion was ensured by three 225hp diesels, each involving a propeller. The crew was 1 officer and 11 sailors. The armament consisted of two of 20 mm Oerlikon cannon each side of the bridge structure. These landing craft were used at the time of the D-day landing in Normandy and also in others theatres of operation, in particular in the Pacific and after WWII.

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