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JWD Premium Products

Located in Liberty, Maine, JWD Premium Products was started by Wayne, Susan and Jeremy Dieffenbacher as a retail hobby business in 1992. The manufacturing division began operations in 2005, producing "EasyFit" loads, designed to fit specific cars right out of the package. The selection includes coal, iron ore, scrap steel, taconite, ballast, gravel, talus, blasting rubble and woodchips. All loads are accurately colored and many have hand-painted detail.

'EasyFit' Drop In Loads

JWD HO EasyFit Cast Resin "Drop-In" Loads for Walthers DIFCO(R) Dump Car - One Each Gravel & Ballast
JWD HO EasyFit Cast Resin "Drop-In" Loads - Coal - 2-Pack - For Bowser GLa 2-Bay Hopper
JWD HO EasyFit Cast Resin "Drop-In" Loads - Coal - Coarse - For Bowser 40' GS Gondola
Freight Car Loads

JWD HO Short Pipe Stack Load
JWD HO Rusty Thin Pipe Stack Load
JWD HO Finished Lumber Stack Load
JWD HO 72 Engineered Beams Lumber Stack Load

JWD HO Stationary Coal Crane Kit