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Dragon 1/144 Stealth Helicopter (Twin Pack) Kit

Item #: DML-4628
Dragon 1/144 Stealth Helicopter (Twin Pack) Kit
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In the early morning hours of May 1, 2011 three helicopters entered Pakistani airspace on an ultra top secret mission. Leading the flight was America's first stealth helicopter. This super-secret aircraft utilized the latest stealth technology to become invisible to radar. It also used special sound suppression technology to muffle the distinctive rotor sound of other helicopters. Special exhaust baffles decreased the thermal signature of the engines. The helicopter was covered in radar absorbent material which added to its stealthiness. Unfortunately, the one of the helicopters was lost during this heroic operation and it was destroyed by the special operators assigned to the mission.

Now Dragon brings a 1/144 scale model kit of this “dark” helicopter used by special operations troops. Befitting the innovative and ultra-secretive shape of the helicopter, this model is newly tooled in every aspect. All the low-observable features such as the angled surfaces are carefully rendered. Created using Dragon’s famed engineering expertise, the various parts fit together with precision. The box includes two complete Stealth helicopters, making the set even more appealing. This 1+1 package will even allow modelers to recreate the raid on bin Laden’s hideout! For those wanting to taste the very latest and best of US military helicopter technology, this 1/144 kit is a must-have!

  • Authentic stealth helicopter newly produced
  • Rotor blades can be rotated to different positions
  • Photo-etched ventilator included
  • Detailed fuselage presented in slide-molded technology
  • Detailed landing gears can be assembled either flying or taxing modes
  • Crystal-clear canopy reproduced
  • Tail rotor blades can be rotated to different positions
  • Cartograf decal w/marking for stealth helicopter

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