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Campbell Scale Models HO Richmond Barrel Manufacturing Company Kit

Item #: 200-422
Campbell Scale Models HO Richmond Barrel Manufacturing Company Kit
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The Richmond Barrel Manufacturing Company is a container business that operated for many years on Frank Ellison's O-gauge Delta Lines, based in New Orleans. It is one of the businesses in the town of Ginia on the Delta Lines. Frank's model railroad was probably the best known of its day. Golden spiked in 1941, Ellison reported on its operations and features in numerous articles for the Model Railroader. His serial article, "The Art of Model Railroading," originally ran in six parts in the 1944 Model Railroader and was repeated, in its entirety, in 1964, the year of his death. In July, 1976, a condensation of this series was run in Model Railroader. These articles, gems in themselves, are available in many public libraries.

Being a small cooperage business (a cooper is one who constructs barrels), the Barrel Company receives carloads of lumber, on occasional load of hoop strap material (sheet metal), and an occasional carload of coal for the power shed. Most shipments are boxcar loads of barrels, kegs, and crates. We think you'll like it as a source of revenue. It will help your operation, as it was a helpful source in development of operation by an operating pioneer.

Dimensions: 3-1/4 x 6-5/8